Hello and welcome to my website! I am a Romanian independent video game developer.
I have been developing applications and games since 1995. I am also an ethical hacking enthusiast.
I started out programming in MS-DOS BASIC as a young child and advanced trough different game engines and coding environments.
Currently I am using the Unity game engine to create my indie games. You can check them out on the “games” section of this website. Currently I am working on an open world hacking simulator called The Lonely Hacker.
I hope you enjoy it and all my other work.
You can get these games from the Google Play Store.


Question: Can you teach me how to hack? Can you hack an account for me? How can I hack ****?

Answer: No. No. No. And again, NO. If you want to learn real hacking techniques, asking strangers to teach you is in itself a mistake. While my game The Lonely Hacker IS indeed a realistic hacking simulation and I do have knowledge about the many different techniques used by both sides in the IT security industry by black hats and white hats alike, I strongly encourage you to pursue your curiosity by yourself. You are not a hacker if somebody else hacks things for you. If you want to start learning about it and join the IT security industry you should take one of the many courses available online, apply for a certification. My personal recommendation is that you learn first the basics of Linux (Kali Linux for example is a penetration testing orientated version of Linux).

Question: When will the game be updated?

Answer: I work very hard to release a new update once a week so you can always be up to date with my work and enjoy all the new content that I am adding to the game as soon as possible. As an independent developer it takes me a lot of time to take care of all the aspects of the game, not only programming and design but also aspects like publishing, distribution, translations, marketing etc. I would like to take advantage of this opportunity to thank you for your patience and support!

Question: Is The Lonely Hacker really hacking any computers or smartphones in the real world?

Answer: No. It is only a simulation. Your smartphone doesn’t connect to any devices at all, the only online connection is with the Google Play Services system that keeps track of the global players ranking and your individual achievements.

Question: I have finished playing The Lonely Hacker. Can you recommend and other similar games?

Answer: While there are a few other popular games out there that pose as hacking games or hacking simulators (Hackers the game, Hacker.exe, Hacknet etc.), I personally think that one of the best hacking games off all time is Uplink by Introversion Software. This game was my inspiration for designing The Lonely Hacker. It is also an indie game made by Chris Delay, a true genius in game development. I strongly recommend you start with this one. You can also find an updated version called Uplink OS, thou I prefer the original to be 100% honest with you.